Processes and Operations Review

We begin with an interview to hear your goals, challenges and concerns. We then observe the work flow that your staff experience via first-hand contextual inquiry: we work as a core staff member, observe and interview your staff with the goal to analyze the effectiveness of existing processes and operations. Based on our observations, we produce recommendations as to what can be improved and how the improvements would benefit your team.

In small companies (3-30 employees) the same person may be wearing many hats. Often this results in non-core operations detracting from focus on the core service or product. Our objective is to streamline processes and operations to free the time of core team members.

If you decide to implement our recommendations, we will work with you and your team to bring these improvements to life.

This often involves migrating from existing tools to new tools that would serve the purpose in a more effective way.  In some cases we will add additional tools/apps to your work flow.  We may also recommend that we manage your operations or recommend the most effective provider for a business in your industry.

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