Accounting Management

When starting or growing a business, entrepreneurs and business owners often need to have a reliable business partner with a deep understanding of accounting, finance and business. In most cases outsourcing the bookkeeping, accounting, and HR functions is more feasible than managing these functions internally.  This helps business owners focus on their core business: developing and improving products and services to serve customers better.

At Finance Alpha, we are your business partner. We set up web-based systems wherever possible within your workflow to help manage your bookkeeping, accounting, and HR functions. We also provide the following services:

- Invoicing
- Managing Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
- Bank statements reconciliation
- Assistance with the monthly closing process and accruals
- Generation of monthly financial reports for management

Accounting and Controllership:
- Accounting systems design and implementation
- Accounting method review and tax planning
- Outsourced accounting controllership

Payroll & Benefits Management:
- Payroll systems implementation and management
- Filing of payroll tax returns
- Oversee employee benefits (health, dental, pension, life, disability)
- HR Records Management

Financial Modeling and Budgeting:
- Financial modeling development
- Budgets development
- Business forecasting
- Sensitivity analysis


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