We provide operations management services for startups and web service companies in Massachusetts:

  • Web service companies: web designers, integrators
  • Startups with SaaS, web- or mobile-based business models
  • Distributed teams

Use Case 1
You are a venture firm or an angel or an adviser that works with or invests in startups and need an operations manager to help the startup founders manage business operations. We can establish a strong foundation for new businesses to operate upon while they focus on getting their product or service into the marketplace.

Use Case 2
You are a technical founder of a startup or small business and are looking to set up your business operations. We will begin by discussing your projected business needs for the next 1-3-5 years. Based on our discussions we will produce recommendations listing the tools and/or providers that would make your operations most effective. We choose these tools based on our thorough selection process, our experience, and the cost structure that is most feasible for you.

Use Case 3
You own or manage a company that is experiencing growth (let’s say from five to thirty people) and observe that your current processes do not serve the needs of your increasing staff. We will review your goals and challenges and provide recommendations. If you would like, we would proceed to implement them to accommodate your growing staff.

Use Case 4
You are a well-established company with a stable business and client base. You are not necessarily looking to grow but would like to improve your bottom line. We can evaluate your operations to make them more efficient and to create free time for you and your employees to focus on core business.

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