Free Education For Real: General and Computer Science Open Courses and Videos

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The demand for programmers is growing. More and more companies/industries are turning into software-based businesses yet formal education is ever more expensive. Open source courses are becoming increasingly available and are allowing to learn programming without paying thousands of dollars while studying at your own pace. We have put together a list of courses available for FREE. Let us know in the comments if you have found others that were helpful to you.

All Subjects
Khan Academy – a free library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 253 practice exercises

Computer Science Courses
The /r/programming FAQ is a great place to start with FAQ for programming; has links to many resources for beginners.

Higher Computing for Everyone – Free Online Classes by Carl Herold

Taken from a comment by robot_zombie in the learnprogramming subreddit
Interactive Tutorials

Interactive Database Tutorials
Interactive Editor Tutorial
Online Editors — good place to try simple html, css, javascript
Programming Practice

Tech Community and Resources in Western Massachusetts, USA

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Finance Alpha works from Western Mass and serves companies in New England. We have a great tech community in Western Mass and have decided to share with our hidden treasure with you. Here is the Link to the Google Doc listing Links to the Tech Communities and Resources in Western Mass (about 2 hours from Boston).  If you have additions or changes, please let us know at

The same Doc is also embedded below, but opening it from the link above will give you a better view. Enjoy!


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