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Enable Your Team with the Right Tools

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As a business owner you have a lot of things to juggle (new features, customer concerns, finances) and may not have the time to keenly monitor the latest tools as they become available. Useful apps aimed at easing operational pains for startups and small businesses are proliferating. SMBs and startups now have access to the same tools that years ago only large enterprise could afford.

The axiom is simple: Consider yourself to be a coach, not a player in the field. Enable your team with the right tools, ease their frustrations by streamlining their processeses, and let them do the work. If your team member has asked for or begun using a tool and find it helpful, consider adopting it on a larger scale. This can also make your team happier by acknowledging their opinions and empowering them with the right tools (hardware and software).

So your startup has investors, now what?

Written by Natasha Goncharova on . Posted in Accounting, Admin Tools, Blog, Productivity, Workflow

In response to this question on Quora: ”Our startup just got a $100,000 check from an angel investor and it is in the bank account. How do I keep track of expenses, pay employees, keep my books for tax purposes, etc.? I’m totally lost here. We know how to code and how to sell but we have never kept books before. How do I pay the payroll and Medicare tax? How do I do tax withholding? Where do I withhold it to? I’m totally confused and terrified.”

Focus on your product, not on finances.

Here is a full minimum solution that will take you through until the next round of financing or until your startup goes to a dead pool.  I have personally used all of the services below.

Finding the Right Solution Faster

Written by Natasha Goncharova on . Posted in Blog, Productivity, Workflow

Often business owners ask for the best software for a particular need (accounting, time management, billing, etc.).  There is yet to be a single source that identifies needs and programmatically finds the best system/software for a certain business operation.

For the most part, apps and programs have the same basic set of features — this means you should do some testing. Let the core members of your team try the tool before committing to it. There are, however, some places that you should look before testing or purchasing any software:


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